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  • n. A synthetic retinoid, C20H28O2, that inhibits sebaceous gland secretion and is used in the treatment of severe forms of acne.

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  • n. A medication used in the treatment of acne and cancer.


iso- + tretinoin, retinoic acid (t(rans)- + retino(ic acid) + -in).
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  • The verdict raises a question: If Accutane (generic name isotretinoin) has such dramatic side effects why is it still on the market?

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  • The risk of birth defects from getting too much vitamin A is also the reason that pregnant women and those trying to conceive should stay away from the prescription acne drug isotretinoin (also known by the brand name Accutane, among others) and other drugs related to retinol (a compound of vitamin A).

    Sheep Births Abomination with Human Face | Manolith

  • Researchers at the Karolinska Institute tracked 5,756 men and women -- whose mean age upon starting to use isotretinoin, interestingly, was 22 and 27, respectively -- during the years before and after their isotretinoin use and during their treatment.

    Acne, Accutane and suicide risk

  • In short, it turns out that severe acne itself may be a suicide risk factor, and taking isotretinoin can either exacerbate that risk or reduce it.

    Acne, Accutane and suicide risk

  • Some evidence has suggested that people taking isotretinoin are at increased risk of suicide, but science has had trouble pinning down that association.

    Acne, Accutane and suicide risk

  • If you -- or your kid -- has severe acne that hasn't responded to the usual treatments, you may find yourself facing a decision as to whether to take isotretinoin, a drug marketed as Accutane, Decutan, Clarus and other brands, that is highly successful at treating stubborn acne.

    Acne, Accutane and suicide risk

  • Have you or a loved one had experience with isotretinoin?

    Acne, Accutane and suicide risk

  • "Some of the patients, possibly vulnerable to isotretinoin, who made their first suicide attempt in close relation to treatment, may have done so as a consequence of exposure to the drug," they write.

    Acne linked to suicide risk

  • Swedish researchers at the Karolinska Institute studied data from nearly 6,000 people who were prescribed the drug isotretinoin between 1980 and 1989.

    Acne Problems, Drug Treatments May Raise Suicide Risk

  • "For this reason, close monitoring of the mental status of patients receiving isotretinoin, as well as those with severe acne, should be a part of the treatment process and should continue for at least a year after the end of treatment."

    Acne linked to suicide risk


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