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  • Good gawd, my isp is as slow as molasses in January today.

    March 28th, 2001

  • You're right, your isp is NOT for American Military Families!

    Strike Force Freedom Cry

  • Dagnabit, I just Transfer Errored, I think my isp is done for the day.

    February 2nd, 2001

  • I called my isp and they had me check my windows device manager.


  • I believe your isp is supposed to inform you that they’re giving your identity to a third party, but many don’t do this apparently.

    100 new RIAA victims

  • For some reason none of us have called the isp when it has happened, mostly because support closes at 20:00 and we don't discover the problems until around then.

    The ADSL saga continues

  • What can FCC do against a Russian spammer? mark says: today whole morning trying to connect to the internet called my isp been told that my connections reciving huge amount of packets, how they know my ip? is bluefrog sending my ip when sending some flood to spammers websites?

    Alice Hill's Real Tech News - Independent Tech

  • There are 8 bits (b) in a byte (B) so if your connection is capped at 768kbps (96 kBps) then your download rate will usually show to mostly cap at 96 kBps. .it used to cap at around 90 kBps where i used to live and yours is at 70kBps (560 kbps) is, though slower but within reason .. if your 768 and 80 are in the same unit, then your connection is maxed out at 10% capacity and you should call your isp and complain


  • By examining genetic interactions with other genes known to extend lifespan and by comparing the phenotype of worms lacking sod-2 to that of known long-lived mitochondrial mutants such as isp-1, we provide evidence that the loss of

    Science and Reason

  • Also, i was paying a monthly cell phone bill anyway, now i have canceled my old isp and just have one bill.

    I just called to say, "I'm on welfare" (Jack Bog's Blog)


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