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  • Economy not in a recession, the war in irag is all but won, gas has risen 2 dollars a gallon and soon to be 8 dollars a gallon due to this democrat congress and their wacko environmentalist lobby, And because of jimmy "anti-semite" carters betrayal of ours and israels national security, we have no choice now but to strike iran.

    After six months, can Democratic race be over?

  • May 29th, 2009 12: 46am israel is not an aggressive nation and harbors no ill feeling towards its neighbors, what it does desire is peace with reasonable parties who accept israels right to exist. if you tink this is untrue then you actually need to visit israel and find out for yourself rather than digest the media.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • I fully support israels right to exist - i have frieds who live there.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • As long as this administration can both completely neglect any cease fire negotiations and attach the United states to all of israels efforts in bombing other arab states, I think we can expect a nice republican surprise come October.

    Think Progress » ThinkFast: July 19, 2006

  • What about Israels “peacetime” activities, like commando raids to “arrest” suspected militants that go horribly wrong and end up with several deaths, which is about how many people die in the pathetic rocket attacks on israel each year.

    What You Might Have Missed Regarding Israel’s Strike « Tai-Chi Policy

  • I forgot that many arabs dont put on the whole diplomatic show, and just call for israels destruction, outright.

    The Perils Of A Binational State | Jewschool

  • And lets not kid ourselves here, he is more concerned at least publicly with the plight of Palestinians than he is with israels survival.

    Pan-Judaism? | Jewschool

  • Asaf wrote: ummm dunno. 514 minors died since the beginning of the intifada, and i think 3 times palestinians that israels, mostly unarmed..

    Israeli Terrorism | Jewschool

  • Bobo Notayhud is correct. .if israel attended the ayrabs would make a big deal of israels alleged nukes and this is what the media would obsess on. .just like you are doing, ron

    JTA - Recent News

  • Al Quieda kills more muslims than anyone. israels and dajjalians wont be able to find a safe den for themselves v soon. inshallah too young to scare iran? iran is would be a pushover. iran making peace? what about israel and saudi?

    Hoopler -


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