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  • Mary was going to her Uncle Gamble's and as they are only 8 miles from Stribling springs I went down there on a tuesday and came back on Saturday and as father wants to go to Crawfords I went out with him and wednesday and came in on Saturday he staid until last wednesday just a week and came in on the [unclear: cars] I think you asked in your last what [unclear: Pancoast] charges for the operation on his [x (fathers)] eye I am surprised that we neglected to tell you as it was a question that was frequently discussed in this neighbourhood and even persons who we would have thought would never thought about it were perfectly indignant at it and vowed they would never pay it, for my part I was not a great-deal surprised it was only $500 five hundred dollars, they asked him a day or two before they left what his charge was he told them they did not say any thing then but in thinking about it father said he could not sleep for thinking about it he said that Pancoast had been very kind to him and he wanted to compensate him but he really did not feel like he was able to pay so much, Andrew in thinking about it was right out [MISSING SECTION] be satisfied Andrew told him that even that was too much he then went and saw father and told him that if they would pay him $300 that he would be satisfied they had but $200 with them they paid that and he told them to send him another $100 whenever it suited him to pay it to take his own time about it.

    Augusta County: D. V. Gilkeson to Gilkeson's brother (probably Hugh Gilkeson), August 27, 1858


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