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  • it would have


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  • As DV quite rghtly says, if Dubya or any other lefty hate figure had said something similar it'd've been a rich vein of discussion on 'edgy' BBC political satire shows and equally 'edgy' BBC 'comedy' shows.


  • "You could've broke a leg and sued the owners, and then it'd've been my ass on the line."

    While Other People Sleep

  • Finally re: the final - wished it'd've gone at least 4 sets, maybe 5, regardless of the outcome. :: Xtreme Tennis News

  • Lee, who has yet to lose a fight, brought a cheering section from Notre Dame that ... well, they've done some training, somewhere ... their "Un-De-Feated" would be the pride of any football game (not that it'd've been relevant lately).


  • Had Renjou stayed and the two lived "happily ever after," it'd've defeated the point of Chikura and Renjou's relationship, since Chikura helps Renjou escape from his past life.

    Anime Nano!

  • (Indeed, upon finishing it on the train this morning, I seriously considered going to Other Realms when I got into Cork, 'cause I had a little over an hour to kill between trains, but since it'd've taken 40 minutes to get to the store and back to the station, it didn't seem quite worth it.



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