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  • They kept their eyes to themselves. one or two small private ground vehicles went by, so unexpected that I had to dodge out of it-i, way.


  • It's beyond their capacity to consume it-i.e., to unleash a multiplier effect.

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  • In terms of the executive order, the President is probably also considering how specific to make it-i. e., whether to specify new guidelines for the research or to call on the NIH to develop guidelines or to simply vacate the existing Bush policy.

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  • WWII My son is all over it-i feel so dumb when I try and talk to him.


  • Resolved, That there be allowed and paid out of the treasury of the Commonwealth a sum not exceeding fif - teen hundred dollars, to be expended under the direction of the state board of education, for the purpose of provid - ing fire-escapes and such other proper and sufficient safe - guards to the boarding hall at the state normal school at Westfield as will secure it-i inmates adequate protection against fire.

    Acts and resolves passed by the General Court

  • taza~i did not write it-i read it in the anderson valley advertiser, which is published in lovely boonville, california. it's a great, rabble-rousing newspaper, and you can check it out if you click the post title link. one of the last REAL papers out there.

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  • MDS&W show-my first time back in five years. before we left for our fiber adventure, james made us all a farmer's breakfast and served it up he might live in a man cave but his manners as a host are thoughtful and accommodating. i would have loved for him to come along with us for the day (i don't know why, but i always have an urge to enlighten my family members about our tribe, even though they're not at all curious), but this was his first day off all week and he had plans to see the wolverine movie. and let's face it-i was running off to the sheep and wool to avoid having to go to a superhero flick, so i couldn't exactly force the issue. so david and i set out (and wouldn't you know, i have not one picture of david at the fair) as soon as we walked in we started seeing people we know, like lisa.


  • Deep breath, deep breath, deep breath, deep breath will always interupt most emotions. we had an electrical fire in our house last august, and i still have anxiety about it-i can't sleep straight through the night. we have smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every floor and i know that the chance of another fire is slim, but after living through the fear and absolute panic, i still have a hard time with it. paired with my obsessive tendancies, it makes for a fun anxiety. but i'm working on it. i do sleep now, whereas right after the fire i wasn't sleeping longer than an hour or two at a stretch. hopefully i'll be able to move beyond this … it will just take time. hayden tompkins says:

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  • i started david's version of the longjohn sock the other day the cayenne color of shalimar zoe sock. this yarn has such a nice density to it-i love the sturdy-but-soft feel of the fabric; no wonder it's david's favorite. the pattern looks so cute in the nearly-solid red; just like real long underwear. i like it equally well in the variegated


  • getting the same response-never heard of it-i decided that HUGE, MASS advertising must take place! now,

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