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  • n. Plural form of itch.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of itch.


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  • Another of your books to take me away from the hospital environs ... my skin itches like a cat or wolf trying to escape in excitement!!

    Branded By Fire ARC

  • But there is a song that inevitably makes me so depressed and uncomfortable for the next half an hour that my skin itches — it's the Schindler's List of songs.


  • Oh, sure, they make you smell nice for awhile, but then your skin itches and your pits still stink after an hour.

    A New Tradition: The Friday Outreach Program

  • It periodically itches, which is an odd feeling because it is also somewhat numb.

    Nose Mohs Update - 8 Weeks Post Op

  • Avatar makes us pause to think of all the manufactured "itches" that comprise modern life.


  • It means how we would react if we were somehow miraculously freed from all the headaches, heartaches, desires, passions, and other "itches" that cloud our rational judgment.

    Right Truth

  • Linux developers, in other words, scratch very different "itches" from those plaguing most would-be Linux users. as Bill Weinberg astutely argues, the way forward for Linux is not in replicating Microsoft's desktop dominance, but rather in forging a new, consumer-friendly mobile Linux experience, one focused on the youth that are growing up mobile.


  • "Despite the occasional usability snag, one of the very best things about open source is the diversity of development 'itches' that can be 'scratched,' to use Eric Raymond's parlance.

    Low End Mac

  • The more you scratch that itch the more it itches, Peter.

    Pedestrian Friendly?

  • It works best if you apply a bit (just a smear on the place that itches) before you scratch the bite, but even after you scratch it, ANDANTOL still works.

    biting insects


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