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  • n. One which iterates.
  • n. A method capable of performing the same action on every item in a collection.


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iterate +‎ -or


  • With the new iterator, the above code would rather give you the actual properties in the bag, since the __iterator__ yields all keys in this. mData.

    Planet Mozilla

  • Although it does remind me of the (unrelated) differences in std:: lower_bound overloads for when the iterator is a random access iterator vs only a forward iterator.

    Visual C++ Language Forum

  • The function it returns (the iterator deps ()), does now almost exactly what the recursive version was doing, the only difference is that it now also manages the array of packages to visit (and of course it doesn't recurse itself, the iteration is managed in the main program by calling the iterator in a while loop).

    Planet Ubuntu

  • {Key, Val, Iter2} where Key is the smallest key referred to by the iterator is the new iterator to be used for traversing the remaining nodes, or the atom Tree = gb_tree ()

    Hiveminds Magazine

  • That's because when jQuery's each calls your iterator function, it does so in such a way that the variable this is bound to the current item.

    Relevance - Relevance Weblog

  • However, if the SyncContext property is not null, then the AsyncEnumerator object has the thread pool thread call your iterator via the specified SynchronizationContext-derived object.

    MSDN Magazine: RSS Feed

  • My test suite currently doesn't get very far without the iterator required for reading the test molecules.

    CDK 1.2 Release Candidate

  • Starting from release 2.0rc1 the event based parser is replaced by an easier to use interface that uses a simple iterator over a collection of MARC records.

    Java MARC Tool

  • IEnumerable into a stream by pulling on its iterator from a dedicated thread.

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  • Total number of cache hits that were unable to build an indexed iterator over the filtered results and had to build a new cache with the filtered results

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