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  • n. Plural form of iterator.


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  • Four distinct types of operator are displayed in a graphical execution plan:, also called iterators, are displayed as blue icons and represent query execution or Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements. Articles

  • (These names might give you a clue as to why query plan nodes are known as 'iterators'). - The SQL Server blog spot on the web

  • Addresses advanced PHP concepts, such as iterators and closures


  • Here, the first is CDK trunk, the second a tag tags/cdk-2003-Oct-17, and the last two are the branches cdk-1.2.x and mesprague-iterators no longer existing.

    CDK development with branches using Git

  • Coroutines are well-suited for implementing more familiar program components such as cooperative tasks, iterators, infinite lists, and pipes.

    Miriam Ruiz

  • Some of its features include an XML manipulation library, an SQL library, special internationalization capabilities, and support for iterators and other program control mechanisms.

    10 JSP tag libraries no programmer should be without « Digital Kaleidascope

  • As more complex ideas flow into the task of programming structured programming, strong type systems, iterators, abstract classes, interfaces, and so on, the cognitive demands increase.


  • Thus Peano, like Church but unlike Wittgenstein, saw that the definition of the numbers as iterators gives for free the representability of a number of functions obtained by iteration.

    Recursive Functions

  • SCARY iterators: As permitted but not required by the C++11 Standard, SCARY iterators have been implemented, as described by N2911 "Minimizing Dependencies within Generic Classes for Faster and Smaller Programs" and N2980 "SCARY Iterator Assignment and Initialization, Revision 1". the TR2 proposal, featuring super-cool machinery like recursive_directory_iterator.

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  • Now we've audited all containers and all iterators, so classes that overload their address-of operator should be usable throughout the STL.

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