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  • interj. I don't know.


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Loose pronunciation of I dunno.


  • Granted Snake Eyes looks super bad ass, but iunno … I guess this is just one of those movies that seems too good to be true.

    G.I. Joe Tidbits - This Is Why You Should Be Excited! «

  • But they were teaching him Greek too, so... iunno now!

    The Empire, part 4

  • All the salesman here are super friendly Despite the fact that they are aggressive, i have heard people complaining about the aggressive sales people but iunno i'd put it on the average level, myself personally having done no research on bali and booking my ticket the day before i have been stopping and listening to everyone's spiel most of which can really make me laugh at very least. Recent Updates

  • Probably by either changing the requirements of the badge, or by changing it to something else or iunno.

    WarCry Network : Latest News

  • Oooh i've heard of those but iunno if i've tried them before.


  • Most likley seth because hes more of a experimental type guy, goes and has been buying weed off of James franco and evan and mclovin go for a visit or something blah blah blah .. characters all have to split ends Rogan and Jonah hill split, franco and Evan (forgot his name), and lets just say Red and Mclovin go as well and all meet up in some epic fight or some stupid party where seth rogan runs into his girlfriend from pinapple express catches her making out with jonah then jonah runs from him cuz he will want to fight him .. iunno haha it could work in so many ways

    Oh Hell Yes - Superbad / Pineapple Express Crossover Movie?! «

  • well iunno. thye look like scars. cutting herself in the past perhaps?

    Demi Lovato Denies Joe Jonas Dating Rumors

  • i am quite interested in this lens for some reason .. iunno if its the built quality or the reasonable semi all purpose range ... (i say semi) .. but i have been reading reviews on it and

    News: Digital Photography Review (

  • i asked her why would she randomly text me saying that, she said "iunno, i just dont want a bf right now im sorry"

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  • missed someone from here so much it hurt. .well not literally but iunno what i mean lol

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions


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