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  • n. A long cotton outer garment, usually white, traditionally worn by Muslim women.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A garment worn by Moslems.
  • n. [capitalized] A very yellow star, of magnitude 2.6, on the right thigh of Boötes in the waist-cloth, called by the astronomers ε Boötæ. See cut under Boötes.

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  • n. a voluminous cotton outer garment (usually white) traditionally worn by Muslim women of northern Africa and the Middle East; covers the entire body


Arabic 'izār, covering, izar; see אzr in Semitic roots.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)


  • It helps to think of it in two parts: real (real, just like in English) + izar (to make).

    Amor y romanticismo 6

  • The girls of the school (who are all taught English) were there placed by themselves, and prettily dressed, wearing the Oriental _izar_, (or large white veil,) with flowered borders, a novelty to us.

    Byeways in Palestine

  • She wore a headkerchief inclined on one side, and the odours of sweet perfumes were diffused from her, and she captivated my reason by her beauty and loveliness as she raised her izar and I beheld her black eyes.

    Nights 24-32. The Story Told by the Christian Broker.

  • She is neither tall nor short; but her hips are such that the izar is too narrow for them.

    Nights 738-756. The Story of Jullanar of the Sea.

  • She was wrapped in an izar of silk embroidered with gold, and the merchant uncovered her face, whereupon the place was illuminated by her beauty, and there hung down from her forehead seven locks of hair reaching to her anklets, like the tails of horses.

    Nights 738-756. The Story of Jullanar of the Sea.

  • Now on this day the sheykh Ibrahim went out to transact an affair of business, and found the two sleeping at the garden-gate, covered with a single izar; and he said, Do not these two persons know that the Khalifeh hath given me permission to kill every one whom I find here?

    Nights 32-36. The Story of Nur-Ed-din and Enis-El-Jelis.

  • —So he lifted up the izar from their faces and said, These are two handsome persons, and it is not proper that I should beat them.

    Nights 32-36. The Story of Nur-Ed-din and Enis-El-Jelis.

  • Accordingly, on the fourth day, I procured what was requisite, as usual, and soon after sunset she came, accompanied by a female wrapped in an izar, and they entered, and seated themselves.

    Nights 24-32. The Story Told by the Jewish Physician.

  • At last the bride, robed in an izar and veiled, mounted a horse astraddle, and went round to pay her last visit to her neighbours as a maiden.

    The Romance of Isabel Lady Burton Volume II

  • So he wears a rida '(upper garment) and izar (lower garment) or whatever, and sandals or any footwear that does not cover the ankle-bone.

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