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  • n. Plural form of j.


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  • I've been waiting to announce this until I had some more specific news to report (and it is coming, and it is good, but there are still x's to be crossed and j's to be dotted), but as grrm has just let the cat partway out of the bag, I figure I ought to blog about it now.

    David D. Levine, Wild Cards author

  • LMAO IM FINNA BUY SOMEE Air Jordan 6 (VI) – White; Varsity Red; AND Black justt too See if they real or not cuz the pics look offical. and if theyy aree real im buyinqq all my j's for 86.99 LMFAOO! just for us and Deven Roberts joined My.

    Adidas Superstar Skulls – November 2008 Releases |

  • His sister affectionately, and because she can't say her j's refers to her brother as "Dodo" - so here we have a mythical bird as well!

    tequilamonky Diary Entry

  • He called things he and she, instead of it, and pronounced his j's like y's.

    ‘A Handbook to Luck’

  • This leaves vowels 'a' and 'i' for the next decades, unless we have a return to syllabically coded decades ala the '60s which were the days of smoking 'j's' in which case the 2010s could be the "Rrrrr" decade of piratic upheavals or the "Zzzz Years," the forgotten decade.

    Barack Obama appears -- simultaneously -- on Olbermann and O'Reilly and I have some advice for Obama.

  • I wish I recorded j's reaction and put it on YouTube.

    Thank You to the Rat Man - Chorizo, Sake & Manila Clams, Beef Bourguignon Recipe and A Scoop of Scoops

  • I went over to her closet to grab my jacket and all of a sudden, we froze to the sound of something rustling in j's wicker hamper.

    Archive 2007-06-01

  • He's a snake, but an interesting one, and I am going out of sheer curiousity, and also maybe because of j's comment, though I have no intention of doing anything imbecilic.

    blog: October 2007

  • It is common knowledge at ω that i's posterior probability of event E is qi (E) and that j's posterior probability of E is qj (E).

    Common Knowledge

  • If you had told me in 1999 that, by 2006, an American president could openly declare that he had no intention of obeying 750 bills he had signed into law, including a law ordering the US to refrain from torture, I would have assumed you'd been Bogarting one two many j's from Tim Leary's private stash.



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