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  • It remains famous, if poorly understood – a spooky collection of arcane symbols, crocodile-jawed monsters and jackal-headed gods.

    Book of the Dead Comes To Life At British Museum

  • Let the Egyptians worship jackal-headed deities and the Greeks pray to Athena—it was Ahuramazda and his fellow gods who had granted the Persians dominion over the earth.

    Alexander the Great

  • I remember the jar with jackal-headed Dna-mut-ef on top, which was used to hold the stomach.

    The Memory Palace

  • No, not the jackal-headed god, but a man holding a was scepter, with the head of an animal with a long, sharp face, downturned snout, and long squared ears that stood up.

    Shadow Chase

  • According to the news release, "the mummified boy ruler of Egypt along with Anubis, the jackal-headed guardian of the dead, has materialized from a 1,200-pound slab of unsalted butter."

    Pooch Kicks: Deep-fried in Red River Rivalry

  • Most discussions and theories point to the Four Toed Statue being a representation of the Egyptian god Anubis the jackal-headed god, who is the guardian and judge of the dead.

    Jay Glatfelter: On Lost: "LaFleur"

  • And while the jackal-headed god of death crept closer, Amunhotep sat across the room on a gilded chair, not even flinching when his older brother spat up the wine-colored phlegm that spelled a possible death to the viziers.

    Excerpt: Nefertiti by Michelle Moran

  • Probably the most famous canine deity of all is Anubis - the jackal-headed son of Osiris, god of the underworld, and Nebthet, a funeral goddess.

    Deities of the Canine Kind

  • Indeed, Egyptian priests supervising official embalmers wore jackal-headed masks to signify the presence of Anubis during these preparations.

    Deities of the Canine Kind

  • Originally a warrior god, Upuaut is variously represented as a dog-headed, jackal-headed, or even wolf-headed man who leads the funeral cortege at the festivals of Osiris.

    Deities of the Canine Kind


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