from The Century Dictionary.

  • In a jaded manner; wearily.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • adverb In a jaded manner.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

jaded +‎ -ly


  • People can change for the better, but IMO, Edwards has been a political opportunist for much too long for me to not view him somewhat jadedly.

    Krugman Hits Obama Yet Again -- This Time On Battle With Edwards Over 527s

  • Dodie, I mentioned to Gary the other day how much I was loving your blog, the newfound honeymoon energy of it, and we wondered jadedly we've both been blogging since, eek, 2002!

    Time Gobbler

  • Well, for God's sake, he snapped jadedly at himself, the word hasn't got thorns, you know.

    I Am Legend

  • I should like to have you opposite me in any mood, whether the facetiously discursive, the metaphysically discursive, the personally confidential, or the jadedly CURSIVE and argumentative -- so that the oyster-shells which enclose my being might slowly turn open on their rigid hinges under the radiation, and the critter within loll out his dried-up gills into the circumfused ichor of life, till they grow so fat as not to know themselves again.

    Familiar Letters of William James I

  • The rest, heavy with food and sunshine, nibbled jadedly at the remnants of the feast, exchanging broken, drowsy comments.

    The Dark House

  • So it had always been, and so, no doubt, it would continue to be for many years to come; and she, no doubt, for many summers, would arrive from Basle to sit, jadedly, looking at it.

    Franklin Kane

  • Lapham listened jadedly, and answered far from the point.

    The Rise of Silas Lapham

  • A lack of recognition results in a sentiment of disillusion that jadedly questions "Is that all there is?"

    The Full Feed from

  • It makes you want to sigh, jadedly: oh why do famous people consider their hobbies world-class?

    Evening Standard - Home

  • He's built a $1 billion-plus applications company during a time when echo-chamber experts were jadedly proclaiming, "There will be no more billion-dollar software companies."

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs


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