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  • n. The age of ignorance, barbarism and unbelief in Arabia before the coming of Islam; more recently its meaning has been expanded to mean Western non-Muslims.


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From Arabic جاهلية (jāhilíyya, "ignorance").


  • Qutb’s claim that Muslim rulers who presided over countries in what he considered to be the state of pagan ignorance known as jahiliyyah were effectively non-Muslims provided the intellectual underpinning for the assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981.

    The Longest War

  • Writing from his prison cell, Qutb argued that Egypt’s secular nationalist government was presiding over a country mired in a state of pre-Islamic barbarity known as jahiliyyah and, by implication, that the government should be overthrown.

    The Longest War

  • Shari'ati says that tashayyu 'began by saying no to all that history which adopted traditions of jahiliyyah (period of darkness before Islam) and Qaier wa Kisra (the Roman and Sassanid emperors) in the name of Qur'an and Sunnah.


  • Kita jangan lupa persepsi masyarakat jahiliyyah di Mekah terhadap Nabi Muhammad s. 'a.w.w.

    ~penarik beca


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