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  • n. any of the 24 building blocks of the Korean (hangeul) alphabet


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Korean 자모 (字母, jamo), from () (ja, "character") + () (mo, "mother")


  • The grilles can be painted to match your existing wall color. $729 a pair,

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  • Function: Substitutes the leading jamo form of a cluster.

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  • Recommended implementation: The ljmo table maps the sequence required to convert a series of jamos into its leading jamo form (GSUB lookup type 4).

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  • Application interface: For substitutions defined in the ljmo table, the application passes the sequence of GIDs to the feature, and gets back the GID for the leading jamo form.

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  • When a sequence of leading class jamos are found, their combined leading jamo form is substituted.

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  • glory be to god our princesa drove away safe cos even my jamo ass know bout dem ‘Lagos area boy’

    One hot night at Oshodi

  • c Microsoft un TomTom domstarp? bu iesp? jamo seku izv? rt? šanas aicina izstr?

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  • 03.09.2009 - INDIANAPOLIS - Jamo, a Denmark-based manufacturer of speakers and electronics, has completely revamped its jamo. com web site.

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