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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of jump.


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  • Doon the stair I floo; but, afore I was half-roads doon, Sandy jamp clean on my back -- kilt, bushbie, an 'a'thegither.

    My Man Sandy

  • He croonshed doon, an 'jookit frae side to side, an' then jamp straucht up an 'lut flee at something wi' the bissam shaft.

    My Man Sandy

  • I 'the middle o' an awfu 'sooch there was a fearfu' reeshil at oor door, an 'Sandy fair jamp aff his chair wi' the start.

    My Man Sandy

  • Sandy near jamp ootin his white coat wi 'the start; an', takin 'till his heels, he was a hunder yairds doon the

    My Man Sandy

  • "That iss more than I can tell you, boy, but he's safe enough I doubt not, for I heard him gie a cheer as he jamp into the wuds, an 'it's beyont the power o' a mortal Red-skin to chase an active man on a night like this."

    The Buffalo Runners A Tale of the Red River Plains

  • I jamp up, and Jeannie jamp up; auld grannie raise totterin 'to her feet, and the bairns screamed, puir things.

    Wilson's Tales of the Borders and of Scotland, Volume XXII

  • "-- and it jamp, and it jamp," Bruno proceeded, ignoring this question,

    Sylvie and Bruno

  • Sandy jamp aff his seat an ', rammin' on his hat, gaed bang throo the shop, yatterin ', "Auch, haud your gab; that claikin' tongue o 'yours mak's me fair mauchtless.

    My Man Sandy

  • And so the Man jamp, and he jamp, and at last he got right out of the hole. "

    Sylvie and Bruno


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