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  • n. An item of footwear, usually of rubber, secured by two straps mounted between the big toe and index toe.


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Possibly a blend of Japanese and sandal.


  • If I knew any arabic, I would know what the name jandel, jendal, jandal, jendel, etc., refers to.

    hamas : media red herrings

  • Jacobs claimed the woman tripped on her jandal and fell to the ground, cutting her eye on either her sunglasses or jewellery. - Stuff

  • Rod "The Cheese" Cheeseman, with his gappy English teeth, atrocious jandal and jeans combos and hilarious lack of impulse control. - Stuff

  • The Auckland pair face charges of battering their 13-year-old son with a cordless telephone, an electric jug cord, a plank of wood, an extension cord, a broomstick handle and a rubber jandal. - Stuff

  • In February this year, it is alleged she assaulted the boy with an electric jug cord and a rubber jandal. - Stuff

  • Credit, however, must go where it's due and there's one name that springs instantly to mind when considering the rise and rise of the re-invented jandal. - Stuff

  • Remember a time, not that long ago, when the flippety flop of a jandal signalled the arrival of a beer-swilling, ciggie-smoking, style-starved yobbo? - Stuff

  • Taking the whole notion of the everyday jandal one step further is FitFlop. - Stuff

  • But the pair of rubber flip-flops that really says it all, if you need irrefutable evidence of the jandal's journey from the accessory of the slob to lust-have fashion item, is the Chanel jandal - recommended retail price, A$440 (NZ$595). - Stuff

  • '' DKNY does a basic rubber jandal; we've just bought them for next season, '' Mercer says. - Stuff


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