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  • n. Any of several esters of jasmonic acid that act as plant hormones; they are the main component of the smell of jasmine


jasmonic +‎ -ate (Wiktionary)


  • Inside jasmine is a plant stress hormone called jasmonate, which protects the plant against injury.

    Karin Kloosterman: The Next Wonder Drug? Just Ask Mother Nature

  • I do wish more promising supplements had been tested, like vitamin D for various conditions, methyl jasmonate or IV vitamin C for cancer treatment, curcumin for cancer prevention, or various ratios of the oil-soluble vitamins for heart disease.

    Snake oil comes in all kinds of bottles | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.

  • The company also believes that jasmonate could be used one day as a new stand-alone anti-cancer drug. 

    Karin Kloosterman: The Next Wonder Drug? Just Ask Mother Nature

  • For example, some BVOCs such as terpenes, methyl jasmonate or methyl salicylate act as airborne signals between plants, warning them of an attack by herbivores.

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  • Finally, one CYP450 and four UDP-glycosyltransferases were selected as the candidates most likely to be involved in ginsenoside biosynthesis through a methyl jasmonate

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  • This change in flower timing was elicited by specific molecules in the oral secretions of the larvae, and required the jasmonate signaling cascade, which is known to elicit a host of other defense responses in plants.


  • In an additional experiment he used genetically modified tobacco, in which the signaling pathway between the messenger molecule in the oral secretion and the defense reaction was interrupted; these plants were unable to produce jasmonate, a plant hormone initiating plant defense responses.


  • In fact, the transgenic jasmonate-deficient plants used in the field experiment did not produce MoF after spit induction, but could if the plants were sprayed with jasmonate, which showed that the reprogramming of the flower production is actually related to the pathway that switches on defense mechanisms.


  • Richard S, Lapointe G, Rutledge RG, Seguin A (2000) Induction of chalcone synthase expression in white spruce by wounding and jasmonate.

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  • The jasmonate biosynthesis related gene lipoxygenase

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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