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  • n. Plural form of jiffy.


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  • It took about a minute and a half, which was about nine billion jiffies too long, as far as I was concerned.

    A Spaceship Named McGuire

  • In a jiffy, Poetry and I were back outside, and with him holding the ladder and with me all trembling inside, but not too nervous to climb, I went up that ladder, hand over hand, and in less than a half-dozen worried jiffies, had our swing board off the chimney and tossed it out into a snow drift.

    Shenanigans at Sugar Creek

  • It didn't take more'n several jiffies for all of us to be inside that old-fashioned cabin, where there was a crackling fire in his fireplace and another fire roaring in his kitchen stove and where there was a teakettle singing like everything, meaning that pretty soon we'd have some sassafras tea.

    Shenanigans at Sugar Creek

  • I knew that in a few jiffies that one-room school would be filled with smoke, and a mad teacher would come storming out to see what on earth was the matter with the chimney, and I'd be in for it.

    Shenanigans at Sugar Creek

  • Well, in a few jiffies all of us boys were carrying in wood and stacking it in the back of the schoolroom where we would have plenty to keep the schoolhouse nice and warm tomorrow.

    Shenanigans at Sugar Creek

  • I would hit the ground in a few half jiffies, there would be a big hole in my trousers which I'd have to explain to Mom when I got home, as well as a lot of other things to both Mom and Pop.

    Shenanigans at Sugar Creek

  • I could just see myself and all of us getting a licking in about seven jiffies.

    Shenanigans at Sugar Creek

  • "I'll take it right from your own dooryard in just about two jiffies."

    The Gold Girl

  • "I'll have a cutter around here in about two jiffies; be on hand, sure."

    Other Main-Travelled Roads

  • I'll show you the trick in two jiffies -- it'll relieve your worry about madam, too.

    The Bicyclers and Three Other Farces


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