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  • n. A long, loose-fitting coat or similar garment worn by some Muslim women to fulfil hijab.


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Arabic جلباب


  • A jilbab is a type of tudung; where the tudung comes down to about the mid-chest area, the jilbab frequently goes all the way down to the waist.

    Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful ... and Wears a ... Tudung

  • Hebah, who is 32, and Sarah, 28, do wear religious attire, but of the Islamic sort: a loose outer garment called a jilbab; a khimar, a head covering that drapes to the fingertips; and

    NYT > Home Page

  • Confusingly, the Indonesians call the headscarf a "jilbab"!

    Don't Hate Her Because She's Beautiful ... and Wears a ... Tudung

  • Shabina Begum of Luton had been a pupil of Denbigh High School and in March 2005 had won a ruling against her school which would not allow her to attend while wearing a head-to-toe "jilbab".

    Infidel Bloggers Alliance

  • They entered silently, wearing the ubiquitous hijab head scarf and ankle-length button-down overcoat known as the jilbab.

    Taylor Marsh: Salam Fayyad, Out of the Ashes of Arafat

  • An exclusive interview with Sadia Nosheen, founder of the Nottingham-based jilbab brand Masoomah.

    Global Feminist Link Love: March 15-21 « Gender Across Borders

  • Wrapped in her shroud-like jilbab, Sahra believes staunchly, just as my father did, that her suffering in this life will be richly rewarded in the hereafter.


  • Magool had told me that Sahra was deeply religious and that she wore the jilbab, a long black robe that covers your hair and all your body past your ankles and wrists, but not your face.


  • This gave me hope, for I thought that if she were attracted to shrouding herself in a jilbab she would not ask for such clothes.


  • She came to seem like a strange kind of mirror, dressed in her jilbab, just as I had once worn a jilbab in Nairobi years ago.



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