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  • n. A field worker who harvests agave plants for mezcal and tequila production using a coa.


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  • The jimador in his wide hat and boots, the elegant arc of attack, the final swift plunging of the sword.

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  • Gama is a third-generation jimador, an agave harvester who works the plantations for Jose Cuervo, the world's largest tequila manufacturer.

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  • Its taste differs depending upon its blue agave plant of origin and the talents of the jimador and distillery.

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  • He likes the extra money of being a jimador compared to the work of an agave porter, and is proud that his son is out there with him.

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  • Liborio Acevez is a third generation, rough-handed jimador who heads a team of 16, including his son, Juan Antonio.

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  • With complete respect and a serious dose of awe, I walk up to a handsome jimador and ask, May - News

  • The jimador, probably the closest translation is farmhand or harvester, is fast and efficient as the coa - a long-handled ax-like tool as sharp as a lion's claws - neatly slashes away at the agave until he gets to the heart of the plant. - News

  • After riding for a couple of miles in the back of a rickety old pickup truck to a field of blue agave in the heart of Mexico, I'm standing in the hot, swirling dust and listening to the sounds of a coa as a jimador jabs it again and again into waist-high agave plant. - News


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