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  • adj. that jingles, having a jingling sound.

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  • adj. having a series of high-pitched ringing sounds like many small bells


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  • I love Lily and her purple plastic purse, not to mention those jingly quarters.

    » No Time to Be Sick

  • And if the person who presents the poetry to them is skillful and loves poetry herself, it is surprising how much kids can get out of poetry — not just the jingly-jangly verse or the stuff that panders to their obsession with subjects parents would rather not discuss in polite company, but serious subjects on deep themes.

    Wise Words from the Children's Poet Laureate

  • We saw the belly dancers again this year, and they were pretty; I want jingly things!

    LOOK AHEAD '09!

  • And most everyone on the crew received trinkets - necklaces, matching jingly bracelets and earrings, sweet perfume - from his annual trip back home to Cairo.

    The man who would greet 'The Press'

  • Although I was left with strange neurological bells and whistles—jingly nerve endings, tired, locked muscles, twitchy connections—it seemed a minuscule price to pay for being able to walk unassisted again.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • I just took the comforting, a kitten enjoying the moment before trotting off to bat a jingly ball.

    Vivian Rising

  • Thats really rather wionderful HG I only knew the last line which, I daresay because of its subsequent history, has a jingly note now out of keeping with the rest of the verse

    Rye Recollections

  • Kitteh sikritly massermynded teh loozing ob teh jingly glittery fings, az teh nawmurgl play toys aer boring.

    Wotz it saing? Sumthin - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • And here I thought only shiny jingly objects made Kilmeade feel good.

    Bob Cesca: The Tortured Logic of the Torture Superfans

  • When Fish would carry her into the house still asleep, Princess Pup would come bounding up with kisses and a very jingly collar.

    Mommy Monday: the Pup and the Babe


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