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  • interjection Indication of surprise or amazement.


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  • I have me a little fun anyways, but pay for it later with an STD made for my intestines.jinkies. so I guess I need to go do some research if I'm gonna do this that's all I need right now is to do some ACTUAL FRIGGIN WORK.

    badbadzoot Diary Entry

  • Well, jinkies, I was there the first time we started talking that foolishness.

    d e a d t h i n g s o n s t i c k s .

  • I just did it with Xerexes 'blog, as a matter of fact (jinkies ... that's a lotta webcomics).


  • I started to embarrass my sons along time ago with 'don't forget Mr. Raincoat', probably long before they were sexually active but jinkies, I figured it was kind of an important aspect in my parental duties.

    The Ukiah Daily Journal Forum

  • All unpregnated females, prepare to be saved! the infamous jerseybricklayer | 7: 21 pm | Vote: 0 0 is he related to toilet man??? rosie | 12: 58 pm | Vote: 0 0 jinkies sperman. .look at all those shriveled ovaries!

    Look, up in the sky! |

  • somewhat off-topic, but curiosity finally got the better of me and I had to Google “tentacle porn”…jinkies…lucky for me, no one can read this…

    Ooooo… Scary « Whatever

  • 7 October 2010 5:17PM jinkies... there's a pretty nifty example of straw juggling on a windy day

    The Guardian World News


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