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  • adj. Having a jive character: thus alternatively lively or bogus


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jive +‎ -y


  • Then there's his weakness for jivey alliteration: "I was frayed, fraught, french-fried and frazzled."

    The Hilliker Curse: My Pursuit of Women by James Ellroy – review

  • This one hangs a thin story about a New York City cartoonist and his jivey gal pal on a cacophony of racist and sexist imagery.

    2009 May :

  • From Bikram, I branched out to Jivamukti, a school of vinyasa yoga, which links poses together in a callisthenic-like flow, employing music (jazzy, jivey, new agey devotional - think Zero Seven, but with repeated references to Hindu gods), incense, a bit of massage and brief lectures ( "dharma talks") on yoga philosophy.

    Lauren Cahn: From Cancer To Yoga: 10 Year Nap, My Ass!

  • Conceived during the roaring twenties, an era of jivey speculation and easy money similar to our last twenty years, the Empire State Building was built during the Great Depression.

    Death, with Compound Interest

  • The track "Da Funk" combines '70s soul, jivey guitar and a wicked humpty beat.'

    Electronic Eden

  • In such warhorses as the excerpts from "Sleeping Beauty" and "Don Quixote," presented at the gala, they are handsome and confident; and in Paul Taylor's "Company B," set to songs of the Andrews Sisters, they are loose-limbed, jivey and dazzling.

    Gamboling At The Golden Gate

  • He starts pulling kids off the cushionless sofa and stone-slinging them toward the door while the other kids and the jivey charismatics keep urging Juano on.


  • In the jivey, combustible early 1970s, when it was almost fashionable for public figures to unleash their ids and abandon all shame — whether it was Norman Mailer's baiting a roomful of feminists at New York's Town Hall or Burt Reynolds's posing nude on a bearskin for Cosmopolitan — Sly was out on the front lines, contributing some first-rate unhinged behavior of his own.

    Sly Stone's Higher Power

  • Told in Luther's jivey, colloquial voice, enriched by Curtis's cast of large-hearted survivors, and enlivened by his coruscating style, this is another winner-or, as Luther might say, a "three-peat."

    Bucking The Sarge: Summary and book reviews of Bucking The Sarge by Christopher Paul Curtis.

  • They spoke in a jivey, irony-laden language that the audience understood, but the old-guard villains didn't.

    Movie Comedy Guru Harold Ramis and the Morality of Caddyshack


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