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  • n. Rule by jocks (athletic macho men).


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  • Caustically dismissive of his colleagues behind the mic - mostly former athletes that Cosell wrote off as the "jockocracy" - the lawyer was ferocious in the fighter's defense.

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  • An intellectual snob, Cosell wanted to separate himself from everything he believed was wrong about sports, like the noodle-spined sportscasters who wouldn't disturb the status quo; the athletes-turned-commentators whom he sneeringly referred to as the "jockocracy"; and the sportswriters whose dislike for him was returned with equal bitterness.

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  • Instead of watching the half time show as if we were actually at the game, there is a panel of what Howard Cosell called the jockocracy telling us what we just saw and giving us scores of other games - which we already know because they constantly appear at the bottom of the screen or are announced by "J.B." or some such alleged expert during breaks in the action.

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  • It was Gifford, a member of the "jockocracy," who urged him not to sit on the story.

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  • You are correct in pointing out that in the frat-tastic jockocracy that is today's GOP, it is standard operating procedure to feminize male candidates and defeminize female candidates.

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  • While there's a jockocracy, Andrew Neil plainly is after a title.

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  • Now, I'm not high and mighty enough to say that in a capitalist society hard work shouldn't be rewarded with a fair amount of money, but to imply that the only motivator for black students is money is an insult and will only turn academia into another jockocracy where material rewards are the sole form of self-satisfaction.


  • As ESPN's Stuart Scott needled him, Morrison in plain language defended his right to cry: a nice counter to the macho laws of jockocracy.

    The NBA Draft: Prom Night Gets Political

  • Reaching a member of the jockocracy therefore requires repeated telephonic beseeching.

    Foul Lines

  • —Howard Cosell, on athletes-turned-broadcasters a species he derided as “jockocracy

    Baseball’s Even Greater Insults


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