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  • n. Plural form of joiner.


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  • Highly skilled craftsmen called joiners cut the ends of the beams into mortises and tenons, perfectly matched joints that locked together the framework.


  • One of the joiners was the Seiner who had striven to rattle them at Blake City.


  • "The joiners are the ones who use social networks, it is someone who tells us they visit or update their social profile at least once a month," said Elliott. Top Stories

  • In 1920, women won the right to vote and, ironically, a few years later when sound film was introduced, the studios cleaned house of all the female "joiners" and hired men to craft sound films.

    Candy Spelling: Chipping Away at the Celluloid Ceiling

  • They're kind of joiners in that neighborhood, which puts my teeth on edge a bit, but on the other hand it's got Rice Paper and Sebastian Joe's, and how could that be bad?

    Barnstorming on an Invisible Segway

  • It's more than an economic choice; we're not "joiners".

    Excluded From Expatriates

  • He described America as a nation of "joiners" during Tocqueville's lifetime, with clubs and associations springing into existence "whenever Americans developed the urge to accomplish something."

    The Rebel Yell

  • And what if that demographic aligned nicely with what the Forrester technographic ladder defines as "joiners," those who engage in social networks like Facebook?

    a shel of my former self

  • ADVERTISEMENT munities Committee the number of apprenticeships for jobs such as joiners, plumbers and electricians was forecast to drop by 700 this year.


  • A Facebook page, We Demand Apology for Call & Post Aunt Jemima Editorial, garnered over 500 joiners during the first 24 hours.

    No Confusion When It Comes to the "Isms"


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