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  • adj. in the nature of a joke; jocular


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  • Goldman's solution is dialogue with joky, anachronistic modernity to persuade us these Plantagenet plotters are just like us.

    The Lion in Winter - review

  • The woman in the main post office who kept on complaining at the clerk serving her, in a slightly joky tone but getting more and more edgy.

    Slices of other people's lives

  • Shem is as short for Shemus as Jem is joky for Jacob.

    Finnegans Wake

  • Wed 06/07/06 11:35 PM wait,for real for real or joky-joke if so could be a good movie

    Quid Pro Crowe: The sad tale of Russell and the journalist |

  • That's the conclusion of two recent studies that confirm a long-standing stereotype of flirting: that women like joky men, while men like women who laugh at their jokes.

    The Speculist: Better All The Time #28

  • You are indeed correct -- anybody who's read this blog for more than a day realizes I am pretty joky about my "status" in Hollywood, or even, for that matter, the entire idea of "status" in the Big Machine of Making Shit Up.

    This is What We Do for a Living

  • You have not heard me say a word about her dear loving mother and her big joky father, have you?

    The Girl Scouts at Home, or, Rosanna's Beautiful Day

  • Howsomdiver, master lost the _lump-ague_ and nivver sed nothin 'about the tub,' cept when he saa to me sometimes kind o 'joky, "John bor, dew yeou alluz kip {44d} out o' hot water. "

    Two Suffolk Friends

  • Yet, notwithstanding the somber complexion of his new vocation, and the more than somber complexion of his creed, outside of the pulpit his reverence was as genial, jolly, and joky as the cheeriest, smilingest, comfortingest, most latitudinarian


  • The scud all a flyin ', That's his flip only foamin'; When he stirs in the spicin ', -- Such a funny, sporty, gamy, jesty, joky, hoky-poky lad, is the Ocean, oh!

    Moby-Dick, or, The Whale


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