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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of josh.


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  • Ethan was very fond of boasting of his illustrious ancestor, and on that account found himself frequently "joshed" by his chums.

    Phil Bradley's Mountain Boys The Birch Bark Lodge

  • As a matter of fact, he never heard about me or my speech, and afterward in the years of our association he "joshed" me about my opposition to him and would often make me very uncomfortable by recounting to his friends at the White House how even his own secretary had opposed him when his name was first under consideration for the United States senatorship in New Jersey.

    Woodrow Wilson as I Know Him

  • From washing the town's soiled linen to loaning it money was a change so sudden and radical that the rise made him dizzy; he was apt, therefore, to be a little erratic, his manner varying during a single conversation from the cold austerity of a bloodless capitalist to the free and easy democracy of the days when he had stood in the doorway of his laundry in his undershirt and "joshed" the passersby.

    The Fighting Shepherdess

  • Over in the Toul sector they "joshed" and "kidded" him from morning till night but woe be to you if you had sought to harm him!

    Tom Slade Motorcycle Dispatch Bearer

  • Constabulary escort "joshed" the supposed enemy by loudly caning dogs and hogs.

    The Bontoc Igorot

  • Pete intuitively disliked these men, despite the fact that they rode excellent horses, sported gay trappings, and "joshed" with him as though he were one of themselves.

    The Ridin' Kid from Powder River

  • One and all, they said, they had been invited to the little cabin of the girl who ran the shooting gallery for a drink; after having fired several strings of shots and "joshed" with her out in front.

    The She Boss A Western Story

  • Nothing political here … … just a josh between these two, and the one who got "joshed" took it at face value and didn't go on and try to make something more of it - unlike some other politicians. News

  • Brown, many times swaying from side to side, used humor to deflect his advancing aged, swore twice, joshed about old drinking days in Sacramento, and emphasized his past experience.

    Jessica Levinson: Brown and Whitman Face-Off: Many Differences, Few Surprises

  • I joshed with my mother, "You mean I only have a few weeks left?"

    Michael J. McCarthy: The End Is Near -- Or Is It?


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