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  • And the platypus says the dodo says that's enough journalizing for one day, and I'm wondering, since when does the platypus do the dodo's bidding?

    "Every Day I Write the Book"

  • Maybe those people were never cut out for journalizing in the first place (but I do miss what some of them had to say, back when they were still capable of posting complex, coherent thoughts).

    Okay, yeah, usually I don't do cute...but...

  • And shouldn't our nation's journalists being doing more journalizing and less Jesus-fying?

    Think Twice Before Joining the Buffet Line: James Wolcott

  • They seek to know themselves by connecting to the Creative Source of the universe that resides within us all, through activities such as yoga, tai chi, mindfulness meditation, prayers, and journalizing.

    The Rice Diet Solution

  • Through mindful activities such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, journalizing, and exercising, you will gain insight and clarity of mind.

    The Rice Diet Solution

  • Declaring your intentions, journalizing them so they are in black and white—possibly posted and visible on the refrigerator—will only help the home team.

    The Rice Diet Solution

  • Jina, Sister joint pain see also arthritis journalizing exercise and food intake and personal notes and weighing yourself and juices, fruit or vegetable

    The Rice Diet Solution

  • She can commit to meditating joining a class or buying a Thich Nhat Hanh or Jon Kabat-Zinn meditation tape, journalizing, and joining a group to increase her awareness of what she wants: her goals, her words, and her actions.

    The Rice Diet Solution

  • I choose to activate the healing power within me to alleviate the arthritis pain by my commitment to practice yoga or tai chi at least fifteen minutes daily or another gentle stretching discipline, swim or do water aerobics for one hour three times per week, walk at least three hours per week, and practice my meditation and journalizing daily fifteen to sixty minutes.

    The Rice Diet Solution

  • Obviously, it would be best to avoid alcohol until Phase Three, then do so consciously by journalizing and taking notes.

    The Rice Diet Solution


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