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  • n. A feeling of great joy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

joy +‎ -gasm


  • What's probably closer to the truth is that my feelings are more akin to a borderline joygasm, having been given concrete choices that effect my virtual self and the people/society around me.

    Decision Paralysis, Or Why I Can't Get Out Of Vault 101

  • Holy fuckin 'viagra induced boner stiffened joy-joygasm, I think I quiffed

    Must Watch: Zack Snyder's Watchmen Trailer - Absolutely Stunning! «

  • I'm a huge comic fan so being able to play with almost every Marvel character was a joygasm.

    Comic Book Movie

  • As the undisputed emperor of 2D joygasm, Iga and his team should really consider it.


  • B: I mean would you like me to hypnotize you to do something that you find very very pleasurable to do so that every time you do it, it feels a thousand times better, like a little joygasm entirely through your body, your spirit, and your mind so that it builds an intense physical and emotional desire to do this thing . . . this thing that used to just be a thing, maybe even something that you used to not even think about or even enjoy all that much, but now is a very powerful pleasure giving thing that drives you into a feeling of wonderful accomplishment and joy?

    Life of Brian:

  • Thanks to my big sis Maria, she r0cks:) (I ended up having to sing. * joygasm*)

    phelicity Diary Entry


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