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  • adj. Occurring at position j in a sequence.


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j +‎ -th


  • Full details to be voiced during a after date, yet we goal to see as most of we as probable (so far, besides Ricko as great as Teebz, we hold rpm, Ben Traxel, jth as great as during slightest twenty others have been planning to attend).

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  • With protein A running vertically and protein B running horizontally, the matrix has a black dot at a given position (i, j) if the ith residue of protein A agrees with the jth residue of protein B.

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  • For if he were not messy, then the other j messy ones would have all realized their messiness at the jth ring and cleaned themselves then.

    Common Knowledge

  • Since no one cleaned herself after the jth ring, at the j + 1st ring each messy person will conclude that someone besides the other

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  • Tar, jth Lee, for the use of the quote from her short story 'Brood-Mantle'


  • The general form of the net activation value for unit is the activation function of the jth unit, is the net activation from unit i, and Conceptual design of an artificial neural network.

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  • Xi, j in the jth year, any species for which no value could be calculated being excluded in that year.

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  • We then calculated the sum of wi, j·Xi, j across species for the jth year.

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  • The proportion of variance in the latent variable underlying the jth task attributable to the general factor.

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