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  • A beautiful poem about "a huddle of just-hatched geese," it surely evokes sighs at readings.

    For Poetry & Nature Admirers: Mary Oliver's "Evidence"

  • USA Today says this about the upcoming documentary Babies, "If you were enraptured by just-hatched creatures of March of the Penguins, wait until you see Babies."

    Joel Schwartzberg: "Babies" the Movie: Sure They're Cute, But What's the Point?

  • Paleontologist and snake expert Jason Head says that the snake, known as Sanajeh indicus, lacked the wipe-jaws needed to swallow eggs, but just-hatched baby titanosaurs would have been perfect prey for the 3.5 meter nearly 12 feet long serpent.

    Archive 2010-02-28

  • Like all members of the order in which they are classified, the Galliformes, or game birds, just-hatched baby chickens are astonishingly mature and mobile, able to walk, peck, and run only hours after leaving the egg.


  • During the warm, dark nights of July and August they mate, each RV exchanging genetic material, design codes, and license plate numbers with the other RVs, a mass breeding that will eventually send the next generation back east in a cavalcade of just-hatched SUVs.

    jaxraven Diary Entry

  • The color of it must be spring green, impossible to describe until I see a just-hatched lizard sunning on a stone.

    Bella Tuscany: Summary and book reviews of Bella Tuscany by Frances Mayes.

  • I think you will have to modify your belief about the difficulty of dispersal of land molluscs; I was interrupted when beginning to experimentise on the just-hatched young adhering to the feet of ground-roosting birds.

    Alfred Russel Wallace: Letters and Reminiscences, Vol. 1

  • I was interrupted when beginning to experimentise on the just-hatched young adhering to the feet of ground-roosting birds.

    Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences

  • But another agency is perhaps more effectual: I suspended the feet of a duck in an aquarium, where many ova of fresh-water shells were hatching; and I found that numbers of the extremely minute and just-hatched shells crawled on the feet, and clung to them so firmly that when taken out of the water they could not be jarred off, though at a somewhat more advanced age they would voluntarily drop off.

    XIII. Geographical Distribution-Continued. Fresh-water Productions

  • These just-hatched molluscs, though aquatic in their nature, survived on the duck¬ís feet, in damp air, from twelve to twenty-hours; and in this length of time a duck or heron might fly at least six or seven hundred miles, and if blown across the sea to an oceanic island, or to any other distant point, would be sure to alight on a pool or rivulet.

    XIII. Geographical Distribution-Continued. Fresh-water Productions


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