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  • n. The line in an IRCd configuration file that records the hostname of a banned user
  • v. To ban a user from a server


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Short for kill line, and refers to the line in an IRC daemon's configuration file, prefixed with a k, that records a user's hostname to prevent further access to the server


  • He added: "We got the the people who run Freenode to actually k-line each other," a reference to the process of banning a user from an IRC server for spamming or other inappropriate actions.

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  • • Force K on Engine is used on Engine controllers that have a choice of using CAN-Bus or k-line for diagnostics, such as the Mk5

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  • There should be option to not display the magnet links ... k-line - 11-17 09: 14

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  • (network operators) were tricked into visiting infected blogs, which forced them to k-line

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