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  • noun metrology Symbol for the kiloampere, an SI unit of electrical current equal to 103 amperes.


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  • On 19 September 2008 morning, the current was being ramped up to 9.3 kA in the main dipole circuit at the nominal rate of 10 A/s, when at a value of 8.7 kA, a resistive zone developed in the electrical bus in the region between dipole C24 and quadrupole Q24.

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  • The voltage involved in lightning is about 100 · 106 V, the current intensity about 50 kA.

    6. Electrical Field

  • The unit of current intensity is the ampere = A; the most frequently used sub-units are kA, mA and µA.

    2. Fundamental Quantities of Electrical Engineering

  • How many A are 27 mA; 5,1 kA; 80 µA; 1,000 mA; 6,500 µA; 0,04 kA

    2. Fundamental Quantities of Electrical Engineering

  • Each channel has a low-drift programmable gain amplifier for handling +/- 160 mV signals or 0V to 1 V when by-passing PGA, thus battery currents from the mA range to the kA range can be measured from Aktuelle Nachrichten

  • They indicate that they are at $400/kA-meter at 77K, but they are hitting the $100/kA-meter price at the temperature of 30 Kelvin.

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  • It is thus a left over British legacy that sees us using 'C' to use the 'kA' sound to denote

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  • But then progress stalled dramatically on 19 September when a poor connection between two superconducting magnet cables disintegrated while carrying a test current of 8.7 kA. all content

  • There again he did know that I'd been busy commisioning a project a few months earlier involving a 24 kV, 50 MJ capacitor bank where we were doing short circuit tests with 360 kA.

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  • In fact, you never have the million Volt per meter electric field gradient at the same time as the 200 kA current.



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