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  • n. Symbol for the kilogray, an SI unit of absorbed dose equal to 103 grays.


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  • The average body weight of the mice fed on the diet irradiated to dose range of 400-1,000 kGy decreased, and the mice fed on the 800-1,000 kGy-irradiated diet died during the period from 8 to 14 days after the start of feeding.

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  • Two groups were fed a ration where the main component meat feed mixture VETACAN and loose feed mixture VETAVIT was irradiated by radioisotope Co 60 at the dose of 25 kGy/kg for the period of 90 days.

    Archive 2008-08-01

  • Smartrac has expanded its S-Tag product portfolio with an RFID transponder that withstands gamma radiation of up to 45kilogray (kGy) for medical applications where aseptic conditions are compulsory.

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  • SMARTRAC announced the launch of a RFID transponder capable of withstanding gamma radiation exposure of up to 45 kilogray (kGy).

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  • The Manual on Radiation Sterilization of Medical and Biological Material of the International Atomic Energy Agency indicates that exposure to 0.65 kGy of γ-rays causes a total loss of influenza virus infectivity, but disrupting the haemagglutinating activity requires an exposure to higher than 200 kGy Nine - to ten-week-old female BALB / c mice were routinely used in these studies.

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  • The use of radiation has been found to produce a reduction of viable mycoplasma > log 8 at a radiation dose of 25-35 kGy.

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  • The AMI argues that studies have shown that the reduction of pathogens on the carcass surface using low-dose (I kiloGray kGy) low-penetration (20 milimetres) irradiation does not affect flavour, nutritional quality, appearance or shelf-life of the meat from the carcass.

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