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  • n. Symbol for the kilohenry, an SI unit of electrical inductance equal to 103 henrys.


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  • Investors can receive incentives from PSE starting at 30 cent per kH generated.

    The Seattle Times

  • Installing a solar array with modules and inverters manufactured in Washington sweetens the deal - the base rate jumps to $1.08 per kH.

    The Seattle Times

  • Even under the dreary skies of Western Washington, the Poulsbo Middle School solar array should be able to generate enough power each year - 72,000 kilowatt-hours kH - to light four and a half homes for a year, Lander said.

    The Seattle Times

  • In the ABLM reaction with DNA, the small normal kH / kD ratio is attributed to a secondary solvent effect through DFT vibrational analysis of reactant and transition state (TS) frequencies, and the lower

    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue

  • The tank conditions are perfect, with the right pH and kH; fresh plants, minus the predators… I think it’ll work this time!

    The Academy (Day 3) « Digital Kaleidascope

  • The true import of Boltzmann's results is rather that they provide a generalization of the entropy concept to non-equilibrium states, and a claim that this non-equilibrium entropy ˆ’ kH increases monotonically as the isolated gas evolves from non-equilibrium towards an equilibrium state.

    Boltzmann's Work in Statistical Physics

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    Tokyo Toshokan

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    Pink OTC Markets - News, Filings & Corporate Actions

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    Tokyo Toshokan


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