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  • interj. The sound of a loud explosion; pow, blam, bang.


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  • An example: his son, Ron Jr., wrote a book and in it, intimated that dad may have, once or twice, possibly exhibited symptoms of forgetfulness while in the Oval Office and kablam!

    Will Durst: 100 Years of Reagan

  • Oh come on .. two regular pilots, reading a newspaper and forgeting about their surroundings .. kablam!

    Fucked-Up Advert | My[confined]Space

  • And this would set off the primer charge that would set off the kablam.

    Hardy Boys Haunted

  • I took off toward the last column, and—you got it—kablam.

    Hardy Boys Haunted

  • If he did that, and if the guy was any good, the guard would spin and, flame on, light Junior up like a Christmas tree, and as soon as he saw him go for his heat, Guard Man would cook faster than a hot dog in a microwave, kablam!

    State Of War

  • I couldn't figure out a way of rigging my brain to work in parallel instead of linear mode-and then they invented Prozac and all the Prozac isomers and kablam!


  • "Kick-Ass" follows "Sin City," "Watchmen" and the "Punisher" movies in replacing the kapow-kablam stunt work and antiseptic editing that has kept most superhero movies ostensibly safe for young teenagers with amputations, arterial sprays and grueling scenes of torture.

    NYT > Home Page

  • And so beautiful -- like a swan (with some kablam eggs for her enemies):

    Latest Articles

  • I gree with most of what you said .... oof! pow! kablam! - Top Stories

  • That may not be a big deal once in a while, but most of us may want to have a recent backup of your device in case something goes kablam! one day and you lose your device's data.



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