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  • Rush was a top 40 DJ who went straight to talk, by the time he got to ESPN in 2003 he was there because someone ** kaff kaff chrisberman kaff kaff** wanted him there, he was wholly unqualified in a way in which Keith is wholly qualified.

    The Curly R: A Washington RedskinZ Blog

  • What is true is that a sizable number of their supporters do have a few racist memes in their minds, many of them regional (kaff-South) and many of them just the sorts of things that hang around in your mind from your party blaming the poverty of blacks solely on their lack of "get-up-and-go," and other offensive things.

    Michele Bachmann's Stock On The Rise After Her 'Super Bowl Of Freedom'

  • Even if I don't agree with him, I at least don't have to figure out what tortured mental process he went through to get to his conclusion kaff...

    If Clarence Thomas wasn't ready to be a Supreme Court Justice, is Obama ready to be President?

  • Everything seems to be pointing to Renee taking up the mantle of the Question as soon as Vic -- kaff, kaff -- heads for the Elysian Fields, but when Isis was handing Renee the rose, she posed the "Who are you" query, and that got me wondering: Could she be a new incarnation of Rose and the Thorn?

    Week 27: Midnight in the Garden of Forking Paths

  • I have you now @jackiefree.mwahahahahaha. ha ha ha.ha. * kaff** kaff* mollyfud - buzz was a disallowed label in Gmail.

    LOL: The Life of Leo

  • I have you now @jackiefree.mwahahahahaha. ha ha ha.ha. * kaff** kaff*

    LOL: The Life of Leo

  • In Jewish numerology (gematria), the letter bet has a value of 2, reish is 200 and kaff is 20.

    Aish Weekly Articles

  • The Hebrew word for blessing is bracha, from the root letters bet, reish, kaff.

    Aish Weekly Articles

  • Not for the likes of him to worry about a kaff -- nigger -- taking his work away.

    The Guns Of The South

  • Returning his attention to the slender, squamous hide, every sun-fired scale of which reflected for Sissy a bad memory of Delores, the Chink kaff-kaffed and hawked, muttering through the last hurumph, "They certainly have improved the view from up here.

    Even Cowgirls Get The Blues


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