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  • n. A subdivision of currency, equal to a 1/100th of a Cambodian riel.
  • n. shit


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From the Afrikaans language term meaning the same.


  • It then admitted there was a "mistranslation" and the Kurdish word "kak" means brother and is a common term of respect.

    Yassin Aref's Struggle for Justice in Police State America

  • Mr. Shemdin said that Mr. Aref is referred to with the common honorific, "kak," which could mean brother or mister, depending on the level of formality.


  • (FF) had shouted "kak" when Ben Turok (ANC), on another point of order, asked whether FF MPs should not be expelled from the House.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • His saddle was a Texas "kak," built many years ago,

    Cowboy Songs and Other Frontier Ballads

  • In the two villages of Upper and Lower Innai there has been an outbreak of a malady much dreaded by the Japanese, called kak’ke, which, in the last seven months, has carried off 100 persons out of a population of about 1500, and the local doctors have been aided by two sent from the Medical School at Kubota.

    Unbeaten Tracks in Japan

  • If you want to look for '' kak '' and perform about colour then I ain't going down that road ...... cause as long as a doctor saves my life or my familys or any ones life for that matter I give jack kak what colour he or she is

    Zimbabwe Telegraph and ZimDaily Forums

  • Being coloured means kak espressos and not getting a ‘Thank you’ from waiters.

    What being coloured means to me « Digital immigrant

  • Someone, an anonymous source, had informed him in a letter that his new wife—stroinaya kak beryozka, tall and slender as a birch tree—was, as he scribbled in a quick, slanted stroke, nothing but a tart.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • If it's a call for sf written outside the 'Anglosphere' to be published and read in the conservative US market and SF, moreso than fantasy, is a conservative genre, it's kak-handed in the extreme.

    ianmcdonald: Spingate

  • Yeah, Tim Burton Has lost the plot completely, its a shame as i love his early films but everything he does now is complete kak!

    Ray Doesn’t Fall Down The Rabbit Hole For ALICE IN WONDERLAND | Obsessed With Film


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