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  • n. Plural form of kaleidoscope.


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  • Here and elsewhere, kaleidoscopes of colored lights dance across installations and viewers alike.

    Taking Senses to the Extreme

  • While he speaks his eyes are bicycle wheels then kaleidoscopes of yellow green and black.

    Ghost Dance

  • She winked topaz and jade and you realised you knew how to fly and you could talk to the elephants and the desert was a Mobius strip unravelling and the daughter kissed like kaleidoscopes in the eyes of cats.

    Ransacking Your Dreams

  • How do you pair these sensory kaleidoscopes with wine?

    The Legacy of El Bulli

  • Other series involved folding or layering linen or painted sheets into kaleidoscopes.

    The Art of Mathematics

  • Modern psychiatrists, led by Allan Hobson of Harvard Medical School, believe dreams are electrical pulses from the brain stem randomly bombarding the center of the brain where visual memories are stored, creating kaleidoscopes of images around which the brain concocts stories.

    The Next Nightmare May Lurk in the Medicine Cabinet

  • The on-air campaign led by director/cd Tom Koh, was inspired by folding architecture, kaleidoscopes, and stop motion.

    New “Top Model” image campaign unfolds for The CW « Art & Business of Motion

  • Water lilies covered the surface of the pond beneath them with kaleidoscopes of green.

    Paper Hearts

  • He doesn't need to go far to find his ingredients since Palma's Olivar food market is just around the corner, providing a sensory assault course with its halls filled with a bewildering variety of locally caught fish, kaleidoscopes of seasonal fruit and veg, plus charcuterie counters laden with piquant botifarron blood puddings and varia negra

    Mapping Mallorca

  • As I nibble, I compose a song in my head of swirls cloth glittering behind my eyes kaleidoscopes of fruit.

    Measured Smiles


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