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  • n. Kunzea ericoides, the white tea tree of Australia and New Zealand, which can grow at high altitudes and in close proximity to geothermal features such as fumaroles.


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  • In the Taupo volcanic zone there are at least 18 well defined geothermal areas with a very specialized and endemic flora; some species, like the prostrate kanuka (Kunzea ericoides microflorum), can grow only in geothermal areas.

    Northland temperate forests

  • Prior to human arrival the drier central regions of Otago probably had a cover of low conifer-broadleaf forest made up of species like mountain toatoa (Phyllocladus alpinus), Hall's totara (Podocarpus hallii), broadleaf (Griselinia littoralis), and kanuka (Kunzea ericoides).

    Cantebury-Otago tussock grasslands

  • Metallic geometric shapes reflect the surrounding kanuka trees, giant windmills rise up from a farm hillside and corrugated forms float on a picture-perfect lake like wood shavings on the workshop floor. - Stuff

  • The common broadleaf tree species in mixed kauri forest include: tanekaha (Phyllocladus trichomanoides), towai (Weinmannia silvicola), kanuka (Kunzea ericoides), rewarewa (Knightia excelsa), and hinau (Elaeocarpus dentatus).

    Northland temperate kauri forests

  • The taller ones with softer, feathery leaves are kanuka — same family.’

    The Rich Man's Royal Mistress


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