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  • adj. Of or pertaining to karst.


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karst +‎ -ic


  • Unspoiled since the Ice Age, The Burren is the largest area of karstic limestone in Western Europe and home to many unusual rare plants.

    Mickey Goodman: Five Ways to Visit Ireland Like the Queen of England or President of the United States

  • Although not omposed of karstic Edwards Limestone nor physiographically part of Ecoregion 30, Ecoregion 31b contains springs and streams that show some similarities to those of the Edwards Plateau (30) because they flow over a chalky substrate and likely originate from cool water aquifers beneath the Edwards Plateau.

    Ecoregions of Texas (EPA)

  • In the Dominican Republic, these centers correspond to Los Haitises, with characteristic forests over karstic limestone (mogotes), more than 500 species of plants and about 30% insular endemisms.

    Hispaniolan moist forests

  • Saline plains with evaporates and extensive karstic topography are also represented on Slave River lowland.

    Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada

  • Within these karstic formations there are some thirty caves.

    Monte San Giorgio, Switzerland

  • From a narrow ridge in the north, the Trail Ridge lake region broadens to the south, becoming a karstic landscape with numerous solution depressions and lakes.

    Ecoregions of Florida (EPA)

  • The construction of a tunnel and an underground nuclear power center under the Gran Sasso Mountain has considerably reduced the karstic water reserves – drying up mountain springs, and sharply reducing the valley table napes - as well as provoking a considerable nuclear pollution problem.

    Appenine deciduous montane forests

  • Landform is very complex, typified by impressive karstic landforms (deep canyons, such as Samaria Gorge, poljes, and dolines).

    Crete Mediterranean forests

  • The landform is characterized by high steep elevations, mainly related to the calcareous massifs, and the abundance of deep canyons and other karstic landscapes.

    Pindus Mountains mixed forests

  • The Pindus Mountain range, extending across the countries of Greece, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), and Albania, contains high, steep peaks, dissected by many deep canyons and other karstic landscapes.

    Pindus Mountains mixed forests


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