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  • n. A journey downwards: a journey downhill, a decrease of winds, a military retreat, a trip to the underworld; a trip from the interior of a country to the coast.


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From Ancient Greek κατάβασις (katabasis), from verb καταβαίνω (katabainō), from κατά (kata, "downwards") + βαίνω (bainō, "go").


  • The web page linked to by katabasis that talks about the 'eight circuit model' above is very light.

    The "Human Nature" paradox

  • Tonight, justbeast, grailquestion and I will be boarding the good ship Persephone and beginning our own katabasis-in-minature: downdowndown, down the Mississippi for 16 days, with stops at Our Lady of the Rivers, Mark Twain's hometown, and othe points of interest, but mainly zenning and communing with the river gods, whosoever and wheresoever they may be.

    On y Va

  • The story of this anabasis has been told in hundreds and thousands of fragments -- the anabasis that has had no katabasis -- the literal going up of

    The French in the Heart of America

  • The word itself means "a march up" into the interior. -- katabasis (l. 28) means "a march down," -- in this case the retreat of the Greeks.

    De Quincey's Revolt of the Tartars

  • Julian -- or (as more disastrous than any of them, and in point of space as well as in amount of forces, more extensive,) the Russian anabasis and katabasis of Napoleon. 3dly, That of a religious Exodus, authorized by an oracle venerated throughout many nations of Asia, an Exodus, therefore, in so far resembling the great Scriptural Exodus of the

    Narrative and Miscellaneous Papers — Volume 1

  • Persephone's Garden and Ilium, detail Helen's katabasis to the underworld and an end-of-times battle between gods and humans respectively. Today's Latest Headlines

  • The katabasis is of course an immensely rich literary topos: Virgil had his hero visit the Underworld in Aeneid 6; there's the Ovidian version of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice; there's Dante; there's The Harrowing of Hell in the York mystery plays. News

  • Vows and marital rites are simple ceremony (i think) put upon a natural human inclination, to pair up, have and raise kids, suffer the hardships of lives with a reliable partner through the thick and thin, have something solid to fall back on in the inevitable moments of katabasis, and so on (like those crazy loons). Main RSS Feed

  • katabasis is right -- anything taken from you before you've seen it e.g. via PAYE is less easily missed.

    Still think it's impossible to abolish Income Tax?

  • matt, @katabasis and @roger have already said what I was about to say.

    Every School To Get Holocaust Specialist


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