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  • n. an Arab country on the peninsula of Qatar; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1971; the economy is dominated by oil
  • n. a peninsula extending northward from the Arabian mainland into the Persian Gulf


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  • Or a movie in which Aishwarya Rai kills like a zillion Ostrogoths with two different kinds of katar, while showing off what is supposed to be and for all I know might actually have been kalaripayit moves?

    Kenneth Hite's Journal

  • M troszke choruje (kaszel, katar). pozniej? wspolne zakupy w ` jarzynce `: kalafior, brokuly x2, marchew, pietruszka, seler, por, salata, itp. zrobilismy zupe kalafiorowa!!!


  • Shana had listened with pleasure to birds singing, of course, but the first time she heard Denelor pick up a katar and sing to its strumming, she nearly exploded with excitement.

    The Elvenbane

  • The ordinary _traga_ went no farther than a cut on the arm with the _katar_ or crease; the forearms of those who were in the habit of becoming security had generally several cuts from the elbow downwards.

    The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II

  • The manners of the bardic tribe are very similar to those of their Rajput clients; their dress is nearly the same, but the bard seldom appears without the _katar_ or dagger, a representation of which is scrawled beside his signature, and often rudely engraved upon his monumental stone, in evidence of his death in the sacred duty of _traga_ (suicide). "

    The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II


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