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  • noun metrology Symbol for the kilocandela, an SI unit of luminous intensity equal to 103 candelas.


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  • Dr B - After your comment, I had second thoughts and took out the bike link - It was exceptionally realistic, and exactly the kind of stuff I hate, so why link to it, right? kcd - I love the sound of anything in French!

    The V-Word

  • Vagina Monologues comments: kcd said ... you nailed it, dr p - "vagina" is a pretty harsh word in English. when i had a Belgian quasi-boyfriend i was enchanted to learn its pronunciaton in French: le vagin - "luh vah-ZHAAN." so lovely!

    The V-Word

  • For confirming or excluding stuff already seen on mammo or MR. Just one woman's opinion ... kcd (kathleen)

    What is the Role for Breast Sonogram?

  • June 28, 2008 kcd said ... sorry i posted twice. huge DUH. texas reader, ultrasound tends to see what mammogram can't and that's why they work so well together. dense breasts aren't always well seen on mammo but ultrasound can see them better. again sorry for the department of redundancy department on my part. kcd

    What is the Role for Breast Sonogram?

  • Tbc Satellites uc ia the fuperior Pans of ihdr Orbiu. or futtbcA fron tbc Eanh, wbcn ibey are marked 10 the right HaGd or WeA of Jupi - ter appronchitig bitn; 'or to the left Hand or Eaft of Jupiter i« arc maj-kcd to the riglu Haod or Well of Jupiter rtccdiog ftoni him, oi to the left or Fjill of Jupitei approaching him.

    The nautical almanac and astronomical ephemeris for the year ..

  • The ca (b« - drat, faid to have been built on the model of S90 nxttAtn't (m»vkt neu that at 'Lilchfiel and St. John's, forms the p«rifhes of the cily) foT it mufl be remaj-kcd, that tbe Oiflcnters are very Dumrrous here.

    The British Tourists: Through England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland ...


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