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  • abbr. kiloelectron volt

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  • abbr. Alternative capitalization of KeV


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  • The paper actually did choose 14 gas-poor elliptical galaxies looking in the 0.3 to 0.7 keV band to "…optimized to detect soft emission from thermonuclear-burning on the surface of an accreting white dwarf."

    Merging White Dwarfs Set Off Supernovae | Universe Today

  • "It appears that these seed populations of energetic protons near the sun could provide the answer, because it's easier to accelerate a proton that already has an energy of 1 MeV than a proton that is at 1 keV the solar wind."

    MESSENGER Solves Solar Flare Mystery | Universe Today

  • The Sub keV Atom reflecting Analyzer SARA corroborates that electrically charged particles from the Sun interact with the oxygen present in some dust grains on the lunar surface to produce water.

    More Water on the Moon: Second Instrument Confirms Findings | Universe Today

  • Now I don't know if the energy distributions of incoming ions, so I don't know how many would be in the typical reflection region (up to say 100 eV for hydrogen) and in the typical sputtering region (up to a few keV).

    More Water on the Moon: Second Instrument Confirms Findings | Universe Today

  • Usually, they are thought of as any photons having energies greater than about 100 keV kiloelectron volts.

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • The X-ray spectrum exhibits the characteristic shape expected for a disk of orbiting relativistic material, with an iron line, emitted at ~6. 4 keV, broadened to the red (on the receding side of the disk) and to the blue (on the approaching side).

    the atomic uni-verse

  • What will it take for DAMA to release a plot like those displaying the modulation in the 2-6 keV regions, but instead in the 1-2 keV region or even lower?

    Guest Post: Juan Collar on Dark Matter Detection

  • Such particles have keV masses, and decay over a very long time, much longer than the Hubble time.

    arxiv Find: Dark Matter and Sterile Neutrinos

  • I will start this column by saying that from new experimental results, it is now clear that neutrinos do _not_ have a 17 keV mass (that was a detector artifact) and are _not_ tachyons (that was a subtle artifact of the physics and chemistry of the tritium sources used).

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • One discussed the then-current evidence for a neutrino with a huge 17 keV rest-mass (see _Analog_, December, 1991).

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact


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