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  • v. To manage to remain beside or just behind someone or something that is moving away from one.
  • v. To manage to remain up to date with trends, fashions, etc.
  • v. To manage to follow an argument, a discussion, etc.


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  • By consistently staying ahead of other designers and making great strides to keep up with pop culture, art, and fashion trends, Lagerfeld is truly the embodiment of agelessness.

    Follow the Model

  • Twilight still infused the sky with a subtle afterglow because the weather was fine; Richard walked so swiftly that Willy Insell was hard put to keep up with him, the rage in him growing with every step he took.

    Morgan’s Run

  • He received numerous requests to sew the trim directly onto the dupattas, and he met the demand by operating sewing machines in his shop to keep up with the orders.

    Beneath My Mother’s Feet

  • He strode off, still barking instructions, as Gundrin scrambled to keep up with him.

    Burning Tower

  • “What can you tell us about Adele Hopkins?” the reporter asked as once again he and his cameraman struggled to keep up with a reluctant interviewee.


  • LaShekia spent several days a week unable to go to school, struggling to keep up with homework from bed.

    The Autoimmune Epidemic

  • Local labor could not keep up with the “regular celerity” of the process—wage-work was still generally despised, and some capitalists found their new-built factories burned to the ground out of sheer blind hatred.

    The Worldly Philosophers

  • According to Dr. Birol, if oil demand remains steady, the world would have to find the equivalent of four Saudi Arabias to maintain production and six Saudi Arabias if it is to keep up with the expected increase in demand between now and 2030.111


  • She clutched her buttonless shirt together and used all the strength she could muster to keep up with his rapid pace.


  • Stuff is happening all over the place, and I can barely keep up with the Butterfly Brigade calls.

    Balancing in High Heels


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