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  • n. A party at which beer is served from a keg.


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keg +‎ -er


  • These morning folks may be asleep by the time the kegger is raring, but they will be vindicated when it's time to enter the real world.

    Boing Boing: March 28, 2004 - April 3, 2004 Archives

  • July 31st, 2009 6: 47 pm ET and well you should be mocked. its truly embarrasing what passes for news these days. you had a countdown the the "kegger" on TV. with the congress looking to slap BILLIONS of dollars of taxes on working americans to pay for a healthcare bill that NOBODY likes, i'm surprised you devote TV, internet coverage to "what kind of beer will be served?",

    White House mocks coverage of 'Beer Summit'

  • Others aim for the equivalent of a kegger, meaning that only the most egregious speech is barred.

    Mr. Know-It-All: Bannable Blog Behavior, Scam Bait, MySpace Geezers

  • You guys are like a bunch of frat boys that blames the housekeeper that is trying to clean up after your 8 year "kegger".

    Drudge Retort

  • After the party jams, so mindless they make your typical frat kegger seem like something passed down from Dorothy Parker, there's some even worse crap that attempts to be socially conscious because the Black Eyed Peas do that sometimes I guess?


  • Although I am not suggesting that you will find OMD or New Order buried inside the digital sleeves, what you will find is music that would be perfectly at home at the kegger thrown by that goth kid in your high school class.

    Marc Ruxin: The Bestest 2010 -- Tunage

  • Governor Brown hosted a kegger in his office for the legislature after it closed down in the early morning hours.

    Jamie Court: Last Call in Sacramento for 2011. Will Gov. Brown Make Ballot Initiatives Simpler?

  • Former Rep. James Sweeney, who lost his seat in 2006 to Kirsten Gillibrand, now the junior Senator from New York, was photographed recently at a fraternity kegger, hoping to sign up young white guys for the repiggie ranks.

    Think Progress » Rep. Trent Franks: African-Americans were better off under slavery.

  • In the end, for those who insist on watching the Golden Globes, watch them and accept them for what they are, and you can live in blissful peace - 86 members of a shaky organization that stumbled onto a goldmine with studios and networks, and who present a lively TV kegger.

    Robert J. Elisberg: The PreCurse of the Golden Globes Rides Yet Again

  • Fish & Richardson P. C.So let me get this straight: Senator Ensign, the paragon of the Party of Personal Responsibility, lets mommy and daddy pick up the tab for his fooling around like he was a teenager who totaled the family car after getting shit-faced at a kegger.

    Dear Mom & Dad...


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