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  • n. Plural form of kelpie.


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  • It is unforgettable -- for the boy and for readers -- as are the magical reappearance of the berserker Thorgil from a burial by moss; new characters Pega, a slave girl from Jack's village, and the eager-to-marry-her Bugaboo (a hobgoblin king); kelpies; yarthkins; and elves (not the enchanted sprites one would expect but the fallen angels of legend).

    The Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer: Book summary

  • Oh, you'll read about a very interesting take on gnomes, selkies, kelpies, vampires, succubi, and more but you won't find a kick-ass heroine living in a dark and gritty city.

    Review: Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

  • Think of the precedents—Proteus, Scylla… I am certain there is something extremely edifying in the Bible about Leviathan and a hook, and my old nurse, a dour Scotswoman, used to terrify me with stories of kelpies and other devilish creatures that drowned and ate their victims, apart from their livers.

    The Mistaken Wife

  • My second choice in dog would be the Blue Heeler, which is a more brutal animal which tends to drive the stock from behind (ie, running backs in NFL) rather than skirting like brown kelpies (like wingers in rugby union).

    Cheeseburger Gothic » Calling all Texans…

  • There are rose goblins and kelpies, doppelgangers and kitsune—and the variation is a wonderful thing to behold.

    seanan_mcguire: Rosemary and reviews, with bonus party aftermath.

  • As the snake pursued Palethorpe across the garden her three Australian sheepdogs, known as kelpies, leapt to her defense.

    Dog Fights For Life After Saving Owner | Impact Lab

  • This book was plenty dark with murder most foul and kelpies on the streetcorners, but even though many of the fae were not particularly good, many of them did not seem particularly amoral which is how I tend to think of the fae.

    Archive 2009-08-01

  • Yes, there was one vampire and I am started to get a bit tired of vampires at this point, especially since I was never a big fan of them in the first place, but this supernatural world also contains kelpies, selkies, gnomes, djinn, nahual, a barghest, and nagas.

    Archive 2009-10-01

  • Selkies, kelpies, and gnomes abound– not the usual urban fantasy fare.

    The Road Not Taken · Tempest Rising

  • Starting with an unusual blast from the past, the Black Stallion returns with a supernatural story this time—involving Ireland, the Black Stallion not to be confused with Black Beauty, which is, by the way, available from Feedbooks for free, Alec, and a love interest stolen by kelpies.

    New on Kindle: Mid-January, Part 1 | Spontaneous ∂erivation


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